Kolkata Circular Rail or "Chakra Rail"

In the entire country, only Kolkata can boast of such an active, unique mass transit system - the CIRCULAR RAIL. The entire 36 km route is dotted with 20 stations, many small bridges, an elevated corridor - all of which are witnessed by the city's unique, versatile and rich culture vindicated by many illustrious, architectural wonders. The period between the inception and electrification of Circular Rail, the truncated stretch from DumDum Junction to Princep Ghat was frequented by passenger coaches powered by WDS4Ds or WDS6Rs of BWN shed which were completely taken over by the EMUs after the entire route got operational, post-electrification. The route keeps the northern and southern fringes of the city connected thereby exempting the commuters from the hassles of daily traffic snarls that engross the city. To put it differently, CIRCULAR RAIL has been one of the lifelines of Kolkata.