The British decided to build the new Fort William at Sovabazar - that's when Sovabazar came into prominence. Maharaja Nabakrishna Deb had built his Rajbari (palace) at Sovabazar. The station also hosts the adjoining Ahiritola Ghat on the Hooghly river which has ferry service to Howrah and other neighbouring ghats dotting on the river.

From Sovabazar the circular railway line proceed towards the busiest & most congested part of the city - the Burrabazar area. Here confluence of cultures can be witnessed, as one can trace the origins and remains of the varied communities that hung their boots and called Calcutta home. While passing one can notice how the Armenians, the Anglo-Indians, the Muslims, the Marwaris, the Biharis and many more made this city a great melting pot of diverse cultures.