Between NewAlipur & Tollygunge the circular rail once again crosses the famed Adi Ganga. Adi Ganga or Tolly Nullah is considered a holy river among the local people. It has been mentioned in ancient texts like Manasamangal of Bipradas Pipilai. It is said that the famous merchant Chand Saudagar sailed through this river once. However, it may have a splendid past but the present condition of Adi Ganga is very much pitiful. It has practically turned into a stinking, filthy and dirty sewer. The reasons are manifold. First of all, the constant negligence of the concerned authority and state government is to be blamed. The other major reason is constant population growth and lack of planning in the urbanization process. The extension of Kolkata Metro railway Line 1 from Tollygunge to New Garia worsened the situation further as the extended portion is entirely on elevated tracks, which is deliberatly built over this centuries old creek only to avoid land dispute with illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.