Bogie Open Wagon Rehabilitated High Speed --- Designed in 2007, it is upgraded rehabilitated version of BOXN. Entire superstructure of MS replaced with Stainlesssteel (IRS:M44). Height 177 mm more than BOXN. Carrying capacity increased by 6 T. Nine Stanchions provided, instead of six in BOXN. Use of CRF section and lock bolting included. Axle load - 22.9 T. These wagons either fitted with CASNUB-22W HS (without Elastomeric pads) or CASNUB-22W HS (with Elastomeric pads) hi-speed bogies with a maximum axle load 22.9 t., non-transition center buffer couplers and single-pipe graduated release air brake system. Capacity - 70.04 Tonnes. Type - BOXNRHS.