Bogie Open Wagon High Speed Modified --- In 2000, a variant of BOXN with CASNUB 22 HS bogie for increasing speed was designed with non-transition CBC & O-14 & I-12 S-4 Spring type. Fitted with Differentiated from BOXN by a Golden Yellow band. Speed 100/100 Kmph.

In 2005 for operation up to CC+8+2 T, suspension of BOXNHS modified by providing two additional inner springs. Differentiated from BOXNHS by a caption 'Fitted with additional springs for axle Load 22.82 T' in centre of the Golden Yellow band. These wagons are equipped with CASNUB 22 HS modified bogie with non-transition CBC & O-14 & I-14 S-4 Spring type. Speed reduced to 75/90 Kmph for CC+6+2t and 60/90 Kmph for CC+8+2t. Capacity - 67.08 Tonnes. Type - BOXNHSM1.