Bogie Open Wagon with Heavy Loading Capacity --- Designed in year 2005, 250 mm longer, 76mm higher & 50 mm wider than BOXN, axle load 22.9 T. Bogie type Casnub 22 HS with flat Centre Pivot, K type CBB and break beam. Spring O-14 & I-14, S-4. Stain less steel (IRS: M44) and CRF sections used in body and under frame to reduce the tare weight (20.6 t) has improved quality coupler and draft gears. Lock bolts used for joining, instead of rivets. Brake Cylinder of 300 mm, IRSA 750 slack Adjuster, brake rigging different from BOXN Auxiliary reservoir 75 lit. Maximum speed with loaded/empty rake is 75/100 kmph. Capacity - 70.89 Tonnes. Type - BOXNHL.