The Loco Story :

Built by Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi first in 2003.

Maximum speed limit - 160 kmph. Power output of 3300 hp.

A higher powered version of the basic WDM-3A class with available traction power of 2925hp. Air cylinder under footboard, WDP-4 style fuel tanks, engine doors like WDP-4, marker lights outside cabin doors, electronic horn.

The WDM3D is derivative outcome by DLW to incorporate some of the best features of the GM make EMD locomotives into the proven Alco base technology.

The engine is an enhanced version of the 16-cylinder Alco 251C model. Fabricated Alco High-Adhesion Co-Co bogies. Starting TE is 36036kgf (353kN) with dual braking systems.

Improved bogies with stem type vertical and lateral dampers for easier maintenance. Components & auxiliaries are improved in order to make longer gap between maintenance visits (IOH/POH).

The WDM-3D uses 'Medha' microprocessor control system to monitor and control various engine parameters, to detect wheel slip, and to supply power in a phased manner to the traction motors under slipping conditions.

An oil cooler is provided in locos of this class, a first for the Alco based models produced in India.

WDM3F a newer variant developed with high-adhesion bogie without equalizers ('HAHS' bogie) and a haulage power of 3600 hp.

Technicalities :

Engines --- BHEL 5002AZ CGL 7362A, 390 rpm - 400 rpm while idle, 1050 rpm at 8th notch.

Gear Ratio --- 65:18

Transmission --- Electric, with BHEL built TA 10102 FV alternator (1050rpm, 1130V, 4400A).

Axle Load --- 19.5 tonnes

Loco weight --- 117 tonnes

Bogie type --- Alco High-Adhesion Co-Co fabricated bogies

Tractive Effort --- 353 kN (36036 kgf)

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