The Loco Story :

Built by Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi first in 1994.

Maximum speed limit - 120 kmph. Power output of 3100 hp.

A very successful class of diesel passenger locomotives fleet of Indian Railways.

Early units were air-braked but lately many have been provided dual-braking capability. Dynamic brakes are also provided.

A single WDM3A could haul a 21-coach passenger train at an average speed of 90 kmph

From 2002 the upgraded versions with higher powered units of 3300 hp were built by DLW and later farther improvements done to the Alco 251 powerpack to extract 3900hp.

Technicalities :

Engines --- DLW upgraded Alco 251-C (16 cylinder), 3300hp from 2003, 1050rpm max, 400rpm idle.

Direct fuel injection. Cooling and fans as with WDM-2. ABB VTC304-15 or Napier NA 295 IR turbocharger.

Gear Ratio --- 65:18

Transmission --- Electric with BHEL TA 10102 CW alternator, 1050rpm, 1130V, 4400A. (Earlier used BHEL TG 10931 AZ alternator.)

Axle Load --- 18.8 tonnes

Loco weight --- 123 tonnes

Bogie type --- Alco cast frame trimounted (Co-Co) bogies.

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