The Loco Story :

Only two locos were built by Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi in 1982.

Lacks the usual ALCO look due to a high hooded cab profile.

Maximum speed limit - 75 kmph. Power output of 1350 hp.

These are Bo-Bo mainline loco with shunter specifications.

Though classified as a mainline BG locomotive which was otherwise total useless to do anything substantial.

Both locos are operational at Liluah Scrap Yard restricted to departmental duties.

Was actually used in Calcutta Circular Railway to haul a rake of 5 bogies at a speed of 25 kmph, from DumDum to Princep Ghat & back, during late 80s.

Technicalities :

Engines --- Alco 251 D 6-cylinder in-line, 4-stroke

Gear Ratio --- 18:93

Transmission --- Electrical AC/DC

Bogie type --- Low powered Prime-mover, Fabricated Bo-Bo bogies.

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