The Loco Story :

Initially imported from American Loco Company. Indigenously built by Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi first in 1964.

Maximum speed limit - 120 kmph. Power output of 2400 hp.

The first unit were imported fully built from ALCO. After DLW was set up, 12 of these were produced from kits imported from ALCO.

A single WDM2 can usually haul around 9 passenger coaches & two units MUed can haul 18-coach trains.

The WDM-2A is a variant of the original WDM-2. These units have been retro-fitted with air brakes, in addition to the original vacuum brakes.

The WDM-2B is a more recent locomotive, built with air brakes as original equipment.

A few WDM-2 locos downgraded for shunting duties have been seen marked with a WDM-2S class

The original Alco designs usually had a 10-day or 3000 km maintenance schedule which was later extended following some modifications to a 14-day schedule. Presently the schedule is being further extended to 30 days by increasing the capacities for various fluids like lubrication oil, etc. and improving some bearings mainly, using roller bearings for the suspension.

Technicalities :

Engines --- Alco 251-B, 16 cylinder, 2,600 hp, turbo supercharged engine, 1,000 rpm max, 400 rpm idle.

Direct fuel injection, centrifugal pump cooling system (2,457 l/min at 1,000 rpm), fan driven by eddy current clutch (86 hp at 1,000 rpm)

Gear Ratio --- 65:18

Governor --- GE 17MG8 / Woodwards 8574-650 / Medha MEG 601

Traction motors --- GE752 (original Alco models) (405 hp), BHEL 4906 BZ (AZ?) (435 hp) and (newer) 4907 AZ (with roller bearings)

Transmission --- Electric, with BHEL TG 10931 AZ generator (1,000 rpm, 770 V, 4,520 amperes).

Axle Load --- 18.8 tonnes

Loco weight --- 112.8 tonnes

Bogie type --- Alco cast frame trimount (Co-Co) bogies

Tractive effort --- 30.4 t, at adhesion 27%

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