The Loco Story :

Some prototypes were imported from General Motors. Indigenous production started by Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi first in 2002.

These are the newer class of dedicated diesel freight locomotives. Transfer of technology from GM's GT46MAC models.

The locos are rated at 4000hp and use 3-phase AC traction motors with maximum speed of 110 kmph

They can start a load of 58 BOXN wagons on a 1 in 150 gradiants and have an average speed of 85 kmph for such a load on plains.

They have an evaporation-bath-cooled converter system and Siemens SIBAS 16 traction control system. The locos also have slip-control mechanisms.

Lower maintenance costs, 20% more fuel efficient compare to WDM2 class.

Recent WDG4 units have GTO control of the traction motors.

Technicalities :

Engines --- GM-EMD 16-710 G3B, 4000hp, with EMD 'G' turbocharger.

WW PGR governor. Unit fuel injection, centrifugal pump as with WDP-2, cooling and fan as in WDP-2.

Transmission --- Electric with TA-17-CA6A alternator, 900rpm, 2200V AC/3000V DC, 1600A AC, 2100A DC.

Loco weight --- 128 tonnes

Bogie type --- Co-Co fabricated bogies

Tractive effort --- 55 tonnes at 41% adhesion.

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