The Loco Story :

Built by Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi first in 1995.

Maximum speed limit - 100 kmph. Power output of 3100 hp.

A very successful class of diesel freight locomotives in Indian conditions.

Most of these are air-braked, but some (e.g., at Pune) are being retrofitted with vacuum brakes to make them dual-braked to handle the vacuum-braked freight stock.

Balancing speed of 69km/h with a 58 BOXN wagon load.

Newer units of this class are being fitted with microprocessor governors.

Technicalities :

Engines --- Alco 251C-16 upgraded by DLW, 3100hp 1050rpm

Fuel injection, cooling, fan, bore/stroke as with WDM-2C. Compression ratio 12.5:1. NAP NA2951R or ABB VTC304-15 turbo-supercharger.

Gear Ratio --- 74:18

Transmission --- Electric, with BHEL built TA 10102 CW alternator (1050rpm, 1130V, 4400A).

Axle Load --- 20.5 tonnes

Loco weight --- 123 tonnes

Bogie type --- Alco High-Adhesion Co-Co fabricated bogies

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