The Loco Story :

Built by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works first in 2000.

Maximum speed limit - 130kmph. Maximum power output - 6350 hp.

With a maximum speed rating of 180 km/h (IR restricts it to 130 km/hr), the WAP-7 has the highest acceleration figures while hauling mail/express trains.

Modified version of the WAG9 class freight locomotive with modified gear ratios of 72:20

The most unique feature of this locomotive is that it eliminates the need to have separate DG sets for air-conditioning in long distance trains hence providing huge savings on maintenance and running costs. This technology is called HOG or 'Head On Generation' where the loco transfers electric power from its pantograph to the coaches

The WAP-7 can also haul loads of 24-26 passenger coaches (1430-1550 tonnes) at 110 km/h per hour. It is also capabale to haul upto 16 heavyweight AC coaches in 1:40 inclines single-handedly.

Currently a 7000 hp version with IGBT traction is under development by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works.

Technicalities :

Traction Motors --- 6FXA 7059 3-phase squirrel cage induction motors. Forced-air ventilation, fully suspended. 95% efficiency.

Transformer --- ABB's LOT-7500. 7475kVA primary, 4x1450kVA secondary.

Power --- 6350 HP. 6000 on wheels.

Tractive effort --- 36.0 tonnes

Axle load --- 19.5 tonnes

Loco weight --- 123 tonnes

Bogie type --- Co-Co, Fabricated Flexicoil Mark IV

Pantograph --- Two Stone India (Calcutta) AM-92.

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