The Loco Story :

Imported from ABB Zurich, Switzerland (30000 - 30011). Later Chittaranjan Locomotive Works started indigenous production in 2000.

Maximum speed limit - 162kmph. Top Speed - 225 kmph. Maximum power output - 5450 hp.

Designed to haul 18 coach passenger trains at 162 kmph making it the fastest locomotive in Indian conditions. It is the first 3-phase locomotive class in India.

Provision of taps from the main transformers for hotel load, pantry loads, flexible gear coupling, wheel-mounted disc brakes, and a potential for speed enhancement to 225 kmph.

Braking systems include regenerative braking (160 kN), loco disc brakes, automatic train air brakes, and a charged spring parking brake.

Fastest train of India the NDLS-Bhopal Shatabdi hauled by a WAP-5 which travels at 160 kmph.

The original design was to have air-conditioned cabs. However the idea has been scrapped due to controversy over costs and fitment and the first units made by CLW do not have air-conditioned cabs. As of now only WAP5 # 30000 have ac cabs.

Technicalities :

Traction Motors --- ABB's 6FXA 7059 3-phase squirrel cage induction motors. Forced-air ventilation, fully suspended. 96% efficiency.

Transformer --- ABB's LOT-7500. 7475kVA primary, 4x1450kVA secondary.

Tractive effort --- 258 kN

Power --- Power convertor from ABB, type UW-2423-2810 with SG 3000G X H24 GTO thyristors

Conductor --- ABB Thyristor

Axle load --- 19.5 tonnes

Loco weight --- 78 tonnes

Bogie type --- Bo-Bo Henschel Flexifloat

Pantograph --- Two Stone India (Calcutta) AM-92. Schunk for the imported locomotives.

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