The Loco Story :

Built by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works introduced in 1994, with a similar bodyshell to the WAP-1 class.

With Hitachi traction motors developing 5000 hp (5350 hp starting).

High Powered class, capable of hauling 26 coaches at a speed of 130 kmph. Tested upto a top speed of 169.5 kmph.

Fitted with Microprocessor Controlled diagnostics. Static Converter units.

Roof mounted Dynamic (Rheostatic) Brakes.

Top-mounted headlamps. The first 150 or so units had the headlamp mounted at waist level, with the lights being mounted in a protruding nacelle.

Newer locos also feature larger windshields, more spacious driver cabin with bucket type seats and ergonomic controls.

The control panel mix of digital and analog displays in newer units.

Technicalities :

Traction Motors --- Hitachi HS 15250 - 5000 hp, 750 V, 895 rpm.

Transformer --- Aluminium foil-wound transformer, 5400 kVA, 32 taps

Traditional DC loco type tap changers, driving 6 traction motors arranged in Co-Co type arrangement. Weak-field operation available.

Rectifiers --- Silicon rectifiers, two in number.

Axle load --- 18.8 tonnes

Loco weight --- 112.8 tonnes (Initially 120 tonnes, reduced by using aluminium-plated body)

Bogie type --- Co-Co Flexicoil

Pantograph --- Two Stone India (Calcutta) AM-12

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