The Loco Story :

Imported from ABB Zurich, Switzerland (31000 - 31021). Later Chittaranjan Locomotive Works started indigenous production in 1998.

WAG9 # 31022 'Navyug' was the first CLW built G9 unit.

Maximum speed limit - 100 kmph. Maximum power output 6350 hp.

Fitted with GTO thyristor converters and 3-phase asynchronous motors.

Two units can haul 4500 tonnes on gradients of 1:60. A single unit can start a 4700t load on a gradient of 1:150.

Initially used only to haul the Howrah - NewDelhi Rajdhani Express.

Regenerative brakes provide about 260kN of braking effort.

Pantograph has a double collector bar in the ABB built units whereas the CLW builts use pantograph with a single collector.

WAG9H are heavier variant of the WAG-9 with 12t extra ballast, welded at four locations in the machine room behind the cabs proposed by CLW approved by ABB.

WAG9 # 31030 'NavShakti' was the first CLW built WAG9H unit.

WAG9i are variant with Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) control. Two inverter assembled for each bogie, enabling per-axle isolation in the case of traction motor failure. If one traction motor fails, power supply to its axle gets cut-off leaving the loco with 5000hp on the other axles.

WAG9 # 31215 'Naveen' was the first CLW built WAG9i unit.

WAG9Hi are the variant with the features of both G9H & G9i i.e. these are more heavier and fitted with IGBT traction control. With 22.5 tonnes axle load and 520kN tractive effort during the start & 320kN of continuous.

Technicalities :

Traction Motors --- ABB 6FRA 6068, 2180 V, 2484 rpm.

Transformer --- ABB LOT 6500, 4x1450kVA.

Power --- Power convertor from ABB, type UW-2423-2810 with SG 3000G X H24 GTO thyristors

Gear Ratio --- 77:15

Tractive Effort --- 460 kN

Loco weight --- 123 tonnes

Bogie type --- Co-Co Fabricated Flexicoil Mark IV bogies

Pantograph --- Secheron ES10 1Q3-2500.

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