The Loco Story :

Built by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works.

Maximum speed limit - 100 kmph. Max power output - 5,000 hp.

Mainstay freight locomotive class of IR. These locos with Co-Co wheel configuration are fitted with high-adhesion bogies and Hitachi traction motors.

The higher tractive effort compared to the WAG-5 locos allows them to attain higher balancing speeds under load.

Traction motors are permanently coupled in parallel and speed control is through the use of transformer taps.

Fitted with air brakes and dynamic rheostatic brakes for loco & dual train brakes.

Auxiliaries include Rigi compressor, Arno converter (a single-phase to three-phase rotary converter which is extensively used in AC locomotives to drive the auxiliary 3-phase induction motors), Siemens smoothing reactor, Northey exhauster.

Many of them are retrofitted with static converters to power the auxiliaries which are more efficient and require less maintenance, besides having self-analysing systems.

Technicalities :

Traction Motors --- Hitachi HS 15250A - 5000 hp, 750 V, 895 rpm.

Transformer --- CCL India, Type CGTT-5400, 32 taps.

Gear Ratio --- 65:18

Rectifiers --- Silicon rectifiers, two in number.

Compressor --- RIGI Compressors

Axle load --- 20.5 tonnes

Bogie type --- High-adhesion bogies, Flexicoil Mark IV.

Pantograph --- Two Stone India (Calcutta) AM-12.

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