The Loco Story :

Imported from ASEA or General Swedish Electric Company (WAG6A) and from Hitachi (WAG6B & WAG6C) around 1990.

Maximum speed limit - 100kmph. Top Speed - 160 kmph (never tested). Maximum power output - 6000 hp.

Until about 1993 they were the most powerful freight locos of Indian Railways.

Six bogie-mounted DC traction motors & speed control via the manipulation of the phase angle by a thyristor converter & a separately powered field coil.

Microprocessor control with slip control & creep control system to maximize adhesion.

Air brakes for loco and train; dynamic brakes provided.

WAG6A and WAG6B locos have Bo-Bo-Bo wheel configurations.

WAG6C locos have a Co-Co wheel configurations.

The WAG-6A body shells were built by SGP in Austria & the locos were built and the entire units assembled in ASEA

Technicalities :

Traction Motors --- For WAG6A - ASEA make, L3 M 450-2. Six motors, fully suspended, force-ventilated, separately excited, 3100kg.

For WAG6B - Hitachi HS 15556-OIR, bogie mounted, force-ventilated, compound-wound, 3200kg.

For WAG6C - Hitachi HS 15256-UIR, axle-hung nose-suspended, force-ventilated, compound-wound, 3650kg.

Transformer --- For WAG6A - ASEA: TMZ 21, 7533kVA.

For WAG6B & C - Hitachi AFIC-MS, 6325kVA.

Thyristor controller --- For WAG6A - 24 YST 45-26P24C thyristors each with 24 YSD35-OIP26 diodes, 2x511V, 2x4500A.

For WAG6B & C - 32 CGOIDA thyristors each with 24 DSP2500A diodes. 2x720A, 850V

Bogie type --- Bo-Bo for WAG6A & B. Co-Co for WAG6C

Pantograph --- Two Stemman BS 95 for WAG6A. Two Faiveley LV2600 for WAG6B & C

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