The Loco Story :

Built by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works first in 1984.

Maximum speed limit - 100 kmph. Power output of 3,850 hp.

A very successful class of freight locomotives in Indian conditions. There are many variants of these, starting with the WAG-5.

WAG5A locomotives are fitted with the Alstom traction motors.

The WAG-5B locomotives are converted WAM4 units inorder to have a separate fleet of freight locos based on the highly versatile WAM4 class.

WAG-5D & WAG-5P are specially make variants for fast passenger hauls with gear ratio 21:85.

WAG-5H and variants comes with Hitachi traction motors of which WAG5HA are CLW built whereas WAG5HB are BHEL built.

WAG-5RH deontes that these locos are mechanized with rheostatic braking.

Recent modifications according to RDSO standards were done as all WAG-5 loco variants have been retrofitted with data loggers, flasher lights, train parting alarms, etc.

Technicalities :

Traction Motors --- Alstom - CLW built - TAO 659 - 770 hp, 750 V, 1095 rpm or Hitachi HS 15250A - 5000 hp, 750 V, 895 rpm.

Transformer --- BHEL built HETT-3900, 3900 kVA. 182A. 32 taps.

Gear Ration --- 62:15 with Alstom motors or 64:18 with Hitachi motors

Rectifiers --- Silicon rectifiers, two in number.

Compressor --- ELGI India Compressors

Haulage Capacity --- 2375 tonnes

Loco weight --- 112.8 tonnes

Bogie type --- Co-Co Alco asymmetric trimount

Pantograph --- FTI (Faiveley Transport India) AM-12

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