Boggie Open Military Wagon with UIC bogie --- These wagons are fitted with a single pipe graduated release airbrake system with a composite brake block as per the Indian Railway standard. Hand wheel type parking brakes are provided on both bogies for parking the wagon on gradients. These wagons are fitted with transition type center buffer couplers along with side buffers. This enables the wagons to be coupled to other rolling stocks either with center buffer couplers or screw couplers. These wagons are primarily used for transportation of Military vehicles.The Underframe is a heavy welded structure with an overall length 18460 mm over the headstock and a 3200 mm width made out of general purpose structural steel to IS:2062. Provision has been made to accommodate center pivot pins for bogies, buffers and transition couplers. The underframe is provided with lashing arrangement and 2 nos. of loading flaps over the buffers at both ends to facilitate loading/unloading.

These are fitted with Fabricated Box Bogie (UIC bogie) & vacuum brake system. This design has Cylindrical Roller Bearing axle boxes, fabricated bogie with vacuum brake equipped with laminated parabolic leaf spring. It is designed for an axle load of 20.3t. It is an all welded, plate fabricated bogie having a fixed bolster with hemispherical centre pivot and primary suspension incorporating four laminated bearing springs with long links supported by mild steel stones. The suspension arrangement and axle box design with liberal lateral and longitudinal clearance are intended to permit the wheel set to float relative to the bogie frame, with the object of improving the riding characteristics of the bogie. The roller bearing axle boxes are provided with 'L' type lugs, so that in its lateral movement, wheel set is constrained by only one axle box at a time and there is no reversal in bending of bogie sole plate. Capacity - 35.85 Tonnes. Type - BOM.