Bogie Cover Wagons with Heavy Loading Capacity --- Length reduced, width and height increased than BCNA. Equipped with IRS:M44 body, Flat centre Pivot, K-type CBB, improved coupler & draft gear, Brake cylinder 300 mm, IRSA 750 slack adjuster, A.R. 75 liters, PU painting (Phirozi). This wagon fitted with twin pipe graduated release air brake system, high tensile non transition type CBC and CASNUB 22 HS Bogie with latest amendment. Capacity - 70.37 Tonnes. Type - BCNHL.

Further after gaining experience from door problems of previous versions of BCNHL wagons, design Modification-II was incorporated in June-2010 by providing tower-bolt on out side in place of inside the door (as seen in the above photograph). In this modification, small chainless cotter, (02 nos.) on outside were provided in place of existing long chainless cotters. These modifications are somewhat at par but still have scopes of improvements which led to further modifications. Sliding door (Fabricated design) Bottom Roller design was developed by RDSO in August-2009 and was provided on trial on limited no. of wagons.