Bogie Cover Wagons with Heavy Loading Capacity --- Length reduced, width and height increased than BCNA. Equipped with IRS:M44 body, Flat centre Pivot, K-type CBB, improved coupler & draft gear, Brake cylinder 300 mm, IRSA 750 slack adjuster, A.R. 75 liters, PU painting (Phirozi). This wagon fitted with twin pipe graduated release air brake system, high tensile non transition type CBC and CASNUB 22 HS Bogie with latest amendment. Capacity - 70.37 Tonnes. Type - BCNHL.

BCNHL wagons have been fitted with doors which are different from conventional BCN doors. The first original design (type of doors seen in above photograph) was initiated in May-2008, but some problems/defects were observed by the Zonal railways in field during loading unloading. Existing design modified by improving securing of doors in June-2009. Modification was to eliminate gap between side wall and door at hinge, improving door securing & hence eliminating the possibility of door hitting & rain water seepage. But this also ultimately proved a failure.