Bolpur Shantinektan --- Famous for eminent Nobel laureate Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore. About 150 years ago Bolpur was a small village under Supur Pargana. East India company established the first railway line in 1859, when the Sahebganj loopline was extended beyond the river Ajay. Bolpur station was established in 1860. Along with this, court, police station, sub registry office were established in old Bolpur. Later Maharshi Debendranath Tagore established a centre of religious mediation in Bolpur. Rabindranath Tagore established Visva Bharati Viswavidyalaya. These were the main reasons for the extension, development and popularity of Bolpur. The station has two platforms and one through line in the middle with stoppage of over 83 trains. Shantiniketan Express (12337/8) & Kavi Guru Express (13015/6) terminates & orginates from this station. Station Code - BHP.