Malda Town --- This station serves English Bazar city in Malda district WB. It is the rail head for a visit to Gaur and Pandua. In the early 1960s, when Farakka Barrage was being constructed, a radical change was made in the railway system north of the Ganges as a new broad-gauge rail link from Kolkata was created. The Farakka rail bridge was opened in 1971 thereby linking the Barharwa-Azimganj-Katwa loop to Malda, New Jalpaiguri and other railway stations in North Bengal. Malda railway division was established in 1984. As of now as many as 23 trains terminates/originates from Malda Town. Malda Town also has a Diesel Locomotive Shed which holds a fleet of ALCo locos. The DLS currently possess 4 nos. of WGD3A class locos, 40 nos. of WDM2 class & variants & 40 nos. of WDM3 class & variants Station code - MLDT.