Konkan Railway - 1998 --- It was in 1882 the first plans were made to link the picturesque western coast of India with a railway line. But the formidable Sahyadri Mountains, the innumerable creeks and rivers proved too great a challenge at that time. Although after that IR extended its arms all throughout the nation, however on the western coastline of the country, there was a crucial missing link. In 1984 more than century after the first tentative survey, fresh plans were drawn up for a railway along this route. The survey was conduct over four years, up to 1988 and the Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd. (A Government of India Undertaking) was set up with state govts. of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala in 1990. It was an uphill task. The terrain through which the line transverse is the most difficult encountered in the history of railway construction. Crossing the route involved building 92 tunnels, 172 bridges, 2819 minor bridges and 59 stations. Some tall viaducts were also needed to be built, such as the one on the Panval river valley in Ratnagiri, the tallest bridge in Asia. The construction was finally completed in 1998, the golden jubilee year of Indian independence. The stamp issued on 1st May 1998 with denomination 800p (₹ 8/-). It depicts the tallest bridge over Panvel River Valley.