Mountain Locomotives - KSR ZF Class --- The 96.54 km KSR line was opened to traffic on November 9, 1903. The gauge of the track is 2'6". This section has 864 bridges & viaducts, 102 tunnels, 20 intermediate stations on 96km run as the train makes an arduous climb of almost 4800 feet from Kalka to Shimla in almost five hours. The steam locomotives were 2-6-4 type built between 1904 to 1935. Class K-1, K-2 and K.C. with Walsharet valve gear in Britain & Class ZF, ZF-1 with Caprotti poppet valve in Germany. The stamp depicts 2-6-4T 1934 make steam locomotive. Issued on April 16th, 1993 with denomination 1100p (₹ 11/-).