150 years of Jamalpur Railway Workshop --- The Railway age in Eastern India started on August 15, 1854, exactly ninety-three years before Independence. A locomotive, carriage and wagon workshop was set up in Howrah to put to commission imported rolling stock of EIR and also to render economic repairs to them. The British chose Jamalpur as the new site of this workshop due to ready availability of skilled workers. Jamalpur Workshop has enjoyed the distinction of being the largest and the oldest locomotive repair workshop with the most diversified manufacturing activities on the Indian Railways. The workshop has a number of achievements like - it is the first workshop to manufacture a steam locomotive and a locomotive boiler - 216 between 1899 and 1923. It was also the first rail workshop to have set up a rolling mill in the country in 1870. Also it was the first RWS to establish a railway foundry in the year 1863. Then again it was first among the rail workshop to manufacture a rail-crane with indigenous know-how in 1961. Also holds the leading position by manufacturing high capacity electrical lifting jacks and ticket printing, ticket chopping, ticket slitting and ticket counting machines for the first time. It was the first & only railway workshop to manufacture electrical arc furnaces of 1/2 tonne in 1961 for production of steel castings & also first to produce 140T ART cranes. Thus on 25th November 2013, IndiaPost issued a stamp with 2000p (₹ 20/-) denomination to commemorate the occasion of 150 years of Jamalpur Railway Workshop.