100 years of Indian Postal Services --- On 1st Oct 1854 Indian Postal Services started with a mere 701 post-offices around the country. And with the advent of railways in India, its become possible to carry mails safely & regularly to distant parts of the country. Since its first run railways played an important part in Postal Transportation which inturn helped IndiaPost (as it is known to us now) to see a major growth of its network. India enjoys the unique honour of being first among the Asian countries to issue a postage stamp in Oct 1854. And to celebrate the historic occasion of 100 years of Indian Postage Stamps the department of Post & Telegraphs issued a set of four commemorative stamps between October to December 1954. This stamp issued on 1st Dec 1954, with denomination 4 annas, depicts different modes of Postal transportations. The locomotive featured was a 2-8-2 wheel type American War Department (AWD) steam locomotive.