8 Wheeler Diesel Electric Tower Car (DETC) is self- propelled 4 axle bidirectional vehicle with driving cabins at both ends. It is meant for periodical inspection, patrolling and maintenance of traction over head equipments, attending to sites of break- downs, restoration of damaged OHE equipments etc. It is also used to erect mast and stringing of one tension length (1.6 Km) of catenary and contact wire on broad gauge electrified routes of Indian Railway. Manufactured by Bharat Earth Movers Ltd. (BEML).

These cars are equipped with Kirloskar Cummins KTA-19R type, turbo charged engines with water cooled, roof mounted radiators, electrical starting motor, battery charging alternator etc. with a haulage capacity of 530 hp. The main traction alternator is self regulating brushless three phase synchronous machine with built in exciter system. The alternator is coupled directly with the main shaft of the diesel engine. The diesel engine is self contained with engine mounted 30 CFM air compressor, exhaust manifold, PT fuel pump, lubricating oil pump, starter motor, radiators for cooling system with hydraulic fan drive arrangements, sensors, gauges and instruments etc. The Crompton Greaves Ltd. make traction alternator out put 650V AC, 3 phase, 120 Hz is fed to the main rectifier unit with three bridge configuration of capsule type high capacity diodes. Rectifier unit is mounted on under frame of the tower wagon. The power rectifier equipment has been designed for DETC for running on broad gauge. It consists of capsule diodes, relays, micro-switches, current transformers and potential transformers etc. The rectifier unit can withstand shocks encountered in service. It rectifies the three phase variable voltage, variable frequency alternator output voltage into a smooth DC voltage, for driving four traction motors connected in parallel across the rectifier.

The rectified DC output is fed to the four traction motors connected in permanent parallel arrangement through motor overload relay and line contactors on positive side and negative contactors on negative side. The traction motor is a four pole self ventilated machine. The motor is mounted on the axle with the help of sleeve suspension bearings. The transverse movement is limited by the flanges of the axle suspension bearings. The traction motors are series wound (if BHEL model 4601 BZ is used) and rated 167 kW, 535 Volt, 340 Amps and 1260 RPM with nose suspension mounting arrangement. Each motor drives each axle independently. Motor cut out switch facilitates the isolation of maximum up to two motors in the event of fault on traction motors.

These tower cars includes facilities like engine cooling system & air brake, Staff Cabins, Kitchenette, Observation dome, diesel generator sets, OHE mast guides, cable drum mounting racks. Hydraulic telescopic lifting and swiveling platform with swiveling capability of 90 degree is fitted on tower car for periodic inspection, patrolling and maintenance of overhead equipment on electrified sections.The platform is designed for a uniformly distributed load of 500 kg.

Type - RU.