The Loco Story :

Built by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works first in 1968.

Maximum power output - 600/700 hp.

Wheel arrangement 'C' type. 6-cylinder 4-stroke turbo-supercharged engines.

These are the last broad gauge diesel hydraulic locomotives of Indian Railways.

The first WDS4A # 19057 christened 'Indraprastha' was homed at Regional Rail Museum at Howrah.

Technicalities :

Engine --- Mak/CLW 6M 282 A(K), slight variations and power differences for WDS4A, WDS4B, etc.

Transmission --- Mak-Suri 2-speed hydromechanical transmission (WDS4), Voith hydraulic transmission (WDS4A), Suri hydromechanical transmission (WDS4B)

Bogie type --- C type

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