The Loco Story :

Diesel Hydraulic Locomtives built by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, first in 1989.

These are Bo-Bo type locomotives with an axle-load of 5.55t.

Fit for operating in 2ft 0in (610 mm) narrow-gauge sections of Indian railways with permissible axle load upto 6t.

The 2-axled bogie of the locomotive has two stage suspension arrangement - primary suspension is of coil-springs and secondary of megi-rubber spring. Hydraulic check absorbers are fitted across secondary suspension. Modified to suit 610 mm gauge.

The transmission fitted on the locomotive is L4R2U2-450 type manufactured by Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Pune. Transmission to the axle drivers by means of cardan shafts.

Wheel sets are attached to the bogie frame with leaf spring guide plates by means of serrated joints. These guide plates, being laterally stiff and vertically flexible maintain relative alignment of wheel sets with bogie frame and also transmit traction and braking force. Modified to suit 610 mm gauge.

Fitted with two compressor, to operate air brakes on both locomotive and on trailing stock. The cardan shaft driver is taken from the rear side of the input shaft for driving compressors.

Superstructure of the locomotive is in three parts - long hood, drivers cab & short hood. Long hood further divided in three parts for easy assembly & removal.

Technicalities :

Engines --- Kirloskar Cummins' KTA-1150L, 6 cylinder, in line, 4 stroke, turbo charged & cooled, diesel engine.

Transmission --- Kirloskar Pneumatic L4R2U2-450. Hydraulically reversible Voith transmission.

Axle Load --- 5.5 tonnes

Power output --- 450 hp

Bogie type --- Bo-Bo fabricated from steel plates to IS:2062.

Max speed --- 50 kmph

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