Integral Coach Factory
Linke-Holfmann-Busch (Alstom)
Ride Index
2.6 at 160 kmph in vertical modes and 3.4/3.5 at 160 kmph in lateral mode 2.5 but not exceeding 2.75 both in vertical & lateral modes
Economic Advantage
Tested speed of max 160 kmph Tested speed of max 180 kmph
Service speed of max 130 kmph Service speed of max 160 kmph
Very high oil leakage No problem of that sort at all
Intermediate Overhauling (IOH) 9 months or 2 lakhs km Intermediate Overhauling (IOH) 18 months or 5 lakhs km
Periodic Overhauling (POH) 18 months or 4 lakhs km Periodic Overhauling (POH) 36 months or 10 lakhs km
Regular coats of paint required No painting required for six years
Bogie Frame
Box type with headstock H-type chasis without headstock.
Wheel and Axle
Wheel base - 2896 mm Wheel base - 2560 mm thus improved ability to negotiate curves
Max distance between inner wheels 11887 mm Max distance between inner wheels 12345 mm
Bearing Arrangement
Spherical roller bearing Cartridge Tapered roller bearing which in turn needs lesser maintenance
Bogie Frame-Axle Joint
Rigid Articulated by control arm
Primary Suspension Unit
Coil springs with dashpot level Coil springs are nested with hydraulic damper & control arm
Secondary Suspension Unit
Secondary springs on lower spring beam through hangers Secondary springs directly mounted on the sides of frames
Bogie Body Joint
Through center pivot Through pivot assembly on transverse beam & bracket on doom
Brake system
claspe type brake Axle mounted disc brake
Maintenance requirement in POH
Always More Due to : Very less Due to :
Axle guide arrangement Wheel with improved curving characteristics
Spherical Roller Bearing Cartridge Tapered Roller Bearings
Clasp brake Disc Brake
More Pin Joints Bogie frame, springs & ruber components
Anti-rolling arrangement
Not provided Provided

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