WAB He2/2 - 32 --- This locomotive was built by SLM, ABB, Stadler Rail. This locomotive along with its cousin He2/2 - 31 were acquired in 1995 by Wengernalpbahn as the replacement for decade old He2/2 51 - 65. The locomotive usually stationed in Lauterbrunnen & mainly operates between Lauterbrunnen - Wengen stretch to haul goods, labors, construction materials and at times on rare occasions passenger trains as well. With welded steel-framed body & valley-side rangier platform, the loco also have got features like Closed Fst. with end doors, seated operator two-directional ergonomic operator tables, roof-resistors, radio remote control, multiple control & Rubber-Roll suspension. It runs on Direct current (DC) with 460 kW of hourly output. Photo taken by Bani Das on 14th May 2015 at Lauterbrunnen.