FS TrenItalia E 464.407 --- The E.464 is a class of single-ended electric locomotives used in Italian railways system. They were introduced in the course of the 1990s for hauling light trains, especially for commuter service. They were acquired by FS Trenitalia to replace the old E.424 and E.646, dating from the 1940s and 1950s. The class was originally designed by ABB & later by Bombardier Group (1996-2013). With around 700 locomotives currently in service the E.464 is the largest locomotive class in use in Italy. The E.464 derives from a project launched by the Italian Ferrovie dello Stato in the 1980s for a "modular" class of locomotives which would be easily adapted to commuter, inter-regional and cargo services. The E.464 were the first Italian locomotives provided with an automatic Scharfenberg coupling system, capable of forming trains rapidly. The hull is steel with aluminium ceiling, in the white-green standard livery of FS Trenitalia. The locomotive uses simplified on-board electronics, with two GTO thyristor choppers which provide a variable voltage to the two inverters, that are used to feed the 4 three-phase asynchronous motors. With 4-axle Bo-Bo wheel arrangment the locomotive weighs 72 tons and reaches a max speed of 160 kmph with power output of 4700 hp.

In this photo, E 464.407 is sprinting its way towards its destination with regional rail service. Photo taken by Bani Das on 16th May 2015.