Jungfraubahn BDhe4/8 - 212 & 213 --- Since most of the railway is inside a tunnel, it was designed to run with electricity from conception. The latest rolling stock consists of twin-unit motorcoaches carrying up to 230 people per train which operate at 12.5 km/h on the steepest parts of the ascent. The motors function at two speeds which allows the units to operate at double this speed on the less steep part of the ascent (above Eismeer station).

In this picture, two-coupled BDhe4/8 multiple unit train of the Jungfrau Railway with railcar no. 213 in front & 212 behind along with a empty flat-wagon was going out with uphill service from Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch on 14th May 2015. Asit Baran Das shutter-art.