Jungfraubahn BDhe2/4 - 202 --- The Jungfrau railway runs almost entirely within the Jungfrau Tunnel, built into the Eiger and Monch mountains and containing two stations in the middle of the tunnel - Eigerwand (9,396 ft) & Eismeer (10,361 ft), where passengers can disembark to observe the neighbouring mountains through windows built into the mountainside. The initial open-air section culminates at Eigergletscher (7612 ft), which makes it the second highest open-air railway in Switzerland. The line is electrified at 3-phase 1,125 volts 50 Hertz, and is one of four lines in the world using three-phase electric power.

In this photo another 1964 built Jungfraubahn BDhe2/4 - 202 railcar with Steuerwagen Bt-26 was coming downhill from Eigergletscher side towards its terminating station at Kleine Scheidegg. Photographed by Bani Das & Asit Baran Das on 14th May 2015.