EuroTunnel - 9024 --- The Eurotunnel Class 9 or Class 9000 are six-axle, high-power, Bo'Bo'Bo' single-ended, loading-gauge, electric locomotive built by the Euroshuttle Locomotive Consortium (ESCL) of Brush Traction and ASEA Brown Boveri (ABB). The class was designed for and is used exclusively to haul the Le Shuttle road vehicle services through the Channel Tunnel. This loco class features some unique specs like a top speed of 160 kmph, an axle load limit of 22.5 tonnes with an operating temperature range between -10 °C & 45 °C. Earlier locos of this class (9000 & 9100 series) generates minimum power output of 7500 hp whereas the newer ones (9700 & 9800 series)are capable of generating minimum output of 9400 hp.

In this photo 1992 built EuroTunnel - 9024 was waiting with a train at the British terminal at Folkestone. Framed by Bani Das on 8th May 2015.