ERS-HWH Antyodaya Express Inauguration --- On 27th February 2017, first Antyodaya SF Express of the country began its journey from Ernakulam towards Howrah. The fully unreserved train with 20 coaches, intends to provide the best of amenities for the least price. The new train's luggage rack is fully cushioned so that they may also serve as seats. The train is fitted with slip-free flooring at the doorway and mobile charging points. The train will be lit with LED lighting. The anti-graffiti coating and stainless steel doorways will ensure that the train will not get damaged or vandalised. The train have two filtered water dispensers at either ends of each coach and also have biotoilets for zero discharge of effluents. On beahalf of TrainTrackers Roy was present to frame the Antyodaya inaugural special while it was entering Howrah station on 1st March 2017, with a beautifully decored Erode WAP4 on the lead.