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Welcome to the world of Traintrackers... a sphere, which is a manifestation of unquenched & unsatiated thirst of railfaning.

It was early 2009 when three friends from Kolkata discovered each others' unique passion for railways. All of them liked to watch trains jostling past them powered by various types of locomotives. They started capturing all those actions on-camera. As the number of frames grew bigger they decided to host those in the form of a website. By then their passion had touched new heights with a zeal to cover all the existing locomotives of Indian Railways. The task was highly improbable though not impossible for the trio to cover all the 16 zones of IR. They did all to follow their passion -- be it braving the scorching sun or ignoring the chilly winters or drenching in the downpour. Walking miles under the mid-day sun of May to cover just a single loco or foot-plating in freezing wind chasing their dream has galvanised their resolve to carry on . Their aim remain unflustered as their belief is unperturbed which reflects in the Locometer reading.

The name of the website had itself gone through many phases. Many names were in contention and the most prominent one was 'RailTrackers'. Then after a prolonged deliberation the team emphasised on using the word 'Train', which believed to be more relevant. Thus they zeroed in on "TrainTrackers" - as an unanimous choice. Although the name came much later but the dream & vision of creating such a website had taken shape much earlier.

Team effort has been the key factor behind propelling the dream into reality. Be it sorting out photos, choosing them or working on them, TT have focussed on every small details very meticulously & intricately. All their delirious activites stems from their indomitable passion which metaphors this website.

And it's just the beginning...

Thanks for your time.

the management team:

Somsubhra Das


Anjan Roy Chowdhury

Technical Advisor

Arnab Bagchi

Technical Head

Purusottam Basu

Associate Member

our contributers:

TrainTrackers would like to take this opportunity to thank our contributers for sharing invaluable photos & expresses gratitude for their extended support. TrainTrackers also want to thank them for sharing their views & suggestions for betterment of this website.

Asit Baran Das & Bani Das

Contributer (International)

Binod Ghosh

Contributer (Kolkata)

Monarch Banerjee

Contributer (Kolkata)

Somjit Sanyal

Contributer (Kolkata)

Kaushik Paul


Rattri RoyChowdhury

Contributer (Kolkata & NewDelhi)

Srinivas Nemani

Contributer (Thiruvananthapuram)

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