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Right from the poetries of Tagore and the steely resolve of Mahatma, through the canvasses of Satyajit Ray and to the great escape of Netaji, trains have always assumed the role of chief protagonist. From the restless younger days to the monotonous daily routine, from journey with family by "railgari" to the business trips by Duronto, from early days of black clouds of steam to the overhead cables and pantographs... 'Railways' have become the lifeline for most of us. Be it an early steam or the modern day electrics, be it a crawling container rakes or a Shatabdi whisking away, trains have caught the imagination of the entire nation.

Being a part of this timeless-ageless 'Passion', we have strived to put together some common yet unique, some regular yet inspiring works. All these endeavors have thus finally transpired in the form of this website. Our site is a conglomeration of pictures covering robust, vibrant, beautiful and exciting locomotive liveries hailing from various sections of Indian Railways which gives an insight to the sheds and specifications of those outstanding giants !!

We have tried to redefine our famed railway network our own way...infact we have reflected on the glorious journey of our national carrier which has witnessed & also been part of India's defining historic moments !!!

Many of us are still unaware of the vastness of this network which has become one of the largest employer of the world with its 1.3 million taskforce serving relentlessly to keep this mammoth network operational -- 24x7.
Just to brief, Indian Railways is world's fourth largest railway network comprising of 66,600 km routelength over a tracklength of 119,630 km with over 7,200 stations. As of now, IR holds over 251,300 Freight Wagons, 70,200 Passenger Coaches and about 11,200 Locomotives. IR carries about 8.1 billion passengers annually i.e. more than 22 million passengers daily and roughly 1.1 billion tons of freight annually. But Indian Railways is not all about numbers. It accompanies with it a rich heritage of over 160 years. Know more about the history of railways in India.

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